Over the last year we’ve been thinking, listening, adapting and working tirelessly to provide an event that all of our members can be proud of. Now our Events Officer Dan Wildman would like to share with you our plans for The Student Radio Awards 2018 supported by BBC Radio 1 and Global.

As a quick disclaimer: We’re not revealing everything just yet! There’s a few cards that we’re keeping close to our chest for the time being. You’ll just have to trust us when we say that it’s worth the wait, because seriously… it is!


Firstly, we’ve moved our ticketing over to EventBrite. This will make entry to the ceremony an absolute breeze.

When you buy your ticket, you’ll be sent an email from EventBrite with a barcode. You can either print this off and bring it with you on the night, keep it held with the EventBrite app on your phone, or – if you’re an iPhone user – you can add the ticket to your Apple Wallet.

When you turn up on the night you can show the registration team the barcode and they’ll get you scanned in and give you your wristband.

This’ll help to keep waiting times down considerably at the entrance, meaning you spend less time waiting around and more time at the bar!

Secondly, and most importantly, ticket prices are changing. We’ll explain why and how further in this post, but the new prices for members are:

  • £50 for Cabaret Seating (Lower Tier)
  • £46 for Kings Row (Upper Tier)

Seating & Catering

As you can see, ticket prices for table seating in particular are dramatically cheaper.

So what’s changed?

After listening to your feedback it became clear that catering was the most expensive part of the entire event yet also one of the least utilised and least cared for. So we’ve made the decision to remove the sit down meal from the evening, and focus our efforts into making the night as a whole a more memorable and fantastic experience.

If you still want a meal before the ceremony, don’t worry. The O2 has food outlets reaching into the double digits and includes Nandos and TGI Fridays, so there’s plenty of choice around the venue for some pre-show nibbles!

As usual, seating is split into two different tiers. These tiers are Cabaret Seating and Kings Row. Cabaret Seating is essentially the same layout as what was previously known as a “Dining ticket” – round tables placed in the lower ring of the indigo at the O2. Naturally, we’ll ensure that stations are all seated together – and if you don’t all fit on a single table then we’ll place your tables next to each other.

Oh… and each table has half a bottle of wine per person included!

Kings Row seating works the exact same was it always has. It’s the cheaper option, held in the theatre-style upper ring of the indigo at the O2.

Plus there’ll be an open bar for an hour. More about that later… but who doesn’t love free drinks?!


Something we hear every year is that unless you or your station have been nominated for an award, there’s not much reason to attend the awards – particularly for stations that are based further away from London.

This is something that we’ve been thinking about for a long time, and we’ve had plenty of discussions of how we can provide something during the course of the evening that gives added value. The conclusion of these discussions is that we need to improve the experience of the event overall, and provide a secondary focus – Something that makes the show about more than awards.

The way we’ve done this, we think, is simple yet impactful. We’ve split the ceremony in two (which solves another feedback point about the ceremony itself being a little too long for one sitting) and the interval will play host to a live music performance!

We’ve continued this throughout the night, too. There’ll be an artist performing during the interval, and a headliner performing directly after the ceremony close. Our music man Scott Hastie has been working insanely hard on securing some fantastic artists, so you can rest assured that entertainment for the night is in great hands!

This’ll be followed by the DJ sets that you all know and love similar to the previous years, so once the headliner has finished then you’ll be able to carry on partying all through the night.

This is where I’m going to stop with entertainment. We’ve got much more to come, but this is where we’re keeping our cards close to our chest. It’ll be worth the wait – trust me!

That’s all we’ve got for you right now! There’s plenty more to come in the future, but for now you can pick up your tickets here.

Hope to see you there!


Dan Wildman,

Events Officer