There’s just over a month to go until the Student Radio Awards supported by BBC Radio 1 and Global, and that means activity is well and truly stepping up here at the SRA! Our Production Officer, Thomas Rowson, would like to share a sneak peek behind the scenes… 

Let’s flash back to early April 2018 and the Student Radio Conference in Norwich. Three incredible days of radio goodness unfolded, and it is one of the highlights of our year every year. Along with all the wonderful speakers and amazing evening events, the conference is important for us as it’s here that the first part of the awards in November starts to come together: the voices of the awards. There are always so many people who try out for the prestigious role of voicing the largest student media awards in Europe, but there can only be two. The judges whittle it down and, at the I Love Student Radio Awards ceremony during the conference, we announce the two winners.

And so it was that today, Jenni Pettican of Livewire and Danny Coucill from Sound Radio turned up in central London, ready to record all the announcements you will hear at the awards. Our hosts for the day were Global, who graciously gave us studio space and also a tour of the building courtesy of our Technical Officer and Global Engineering Hero, Stephen Clarke. Suffice to say everyone – but especially the voices – were buzzing for the day ahead.

Into the studios, and Danny recorded first, working his way through the script. He straight away looked like he was at home behind the Heart-branded microphone! As soon as he was announced as a voice back in April, this was added to Danny’s bio on Twitter. It’s clearly been a day he has been looking forward to for a while. It sounds like it lived up to expectations, as Danny said that “We’ve had just such an amazing time today, recording our voices for the student radio awards, and I’m in a bit of shock at the moment. I can’t believe we’re actually here in Global in Leicester Square. We’ve got the branding all over, it’s all really exciting.”

Then it was Jenni’s turn to step up to the mic and record every line of the script. As the Head of Production for Livewire, and therefore having done most of the idents for her station, she was an absolute natural and truly a voiceover talent of the future. Somehow Jenni must have known that we would be in the Heart studio, having chosen a nearly exactly matching shade of red lipstick for the occasion. Clearly the awe of the venue was affecting everyone, as Jenni told us that she “never thought that I’d be this close to a Heart microphone and allowed to talk into it!” Having won the role on home ground, this was always going to be a special day for her. It sounds like we had two happy voices, Jenni saying that “It was an incredible experience and I’m happy that we’ve done it.”

We’re rather happy that they’ve done it too! A huge, huge thanks to Stephen and Global for all their help today, as for the voices and myself it was a very special place to go and record. Now it’s time to get the voiceovers off to our friends at Reelworld to get everything edited together and ready for November 8. Tickets are on sale now – we hope to see you there!

Thomas Rowson is Production Officer for the Student Radio Association, part of the Events Team responsible for the Student Radio Awards 2018 supported by BBC Radio 1 and Global, the Student Radio Conference, and is the port of call for all our member stations for any production-based query.