The Audio Production Awards 2018 took place on Thursday night and there was a huge success amongst the winners, with a few SRA alumni striking gold. Let’s take a look:

First, we have Giles Gear, originally from URN and now works for Union Jack Radio. He won Gold Best Entertainment and Gold Best Male at the 2013 Student Radio Awards. Previous to that he was also a nominee for Best Newcomer in 2012. Giles went and bagged the Bronze Gethin Thomas Comedy Award at the APAs. This category focuses on comedy-based audio, including sitcoms, scripted comedy, sketch shows or comedy-led panel shows. Any format with the primary aim of making people laugh fits the bill. The category is named in honour of the pioneering Welsh comedy producer and performer, Gethin Wyn Thomas, who died suddenly and prematurely earlier last year.

Up next we have Stuart Russell from Spark! He is a recent Radio MA graduate from Sunderland University. Stuart has had an amazing year this year as he won two Gold awards at the 2018 Student Radio Awards for Best Podcast, and the SRA’s most prestigious prize, the Kevin Greening Award for Creativity. Leading on from this he was also shortlisted for Best New Producer.

Following we have Liam Hadley former Xpress Radio member. He is currently the imaging producer for BBC Radio 1 Breakfast with Greg James! At the Audio Production Awards he won Gold for Best Station Sound Producer, for his exceptional contributions to audio imaging and station sound production.
Finally we have Nick Harris, former station manager at RAW1251am and now a broadcast assistant at Absolute Radio. Nick won Bronze for Best Music Producer. This award is for an exceptional producer working in music audio.

From us here at the SRA we  just want to say a huge congratulations to everyone who won at the Audio Production Awards 2018!