We welcome to our SRA Class of 2019, the world’s best boyband: Texas’ Brockhampton.

The collective blend pop & hip-hop in their music which boasts creative production that echoes to the men’s heroes Kanye West & Odd Future. The music also packs lyrics which tackle mental health, sexuality and post modern life for males, making them stand out from the slew of other pop or hip-hop artists around.

Brockhampton are so much more than musicians. They transcend music to be a worldwide phenomenon in the same way BTS or One Direction have been in the past, having one of the most engaged audiences on the planet. What makes the boyband so special is that they do it all themselves. As well as the six performers in the group there are producers, video directors and photographers. They make their own merchandise. Their manager is also in the group. They effectively control their own destiny, and that’s what makes them so exciting.

September saw the release of their first album released through RCA Records, Iridescence, but their fourth album, after 2017 saw the release of the Saturation Trilogy. The album was written in London at Abbey Road, and the group have taken to the UK, as we’ve taken to them in student radio.

They were the first name for me on our Class of 2019, and one of the most exciting movements in music. We’re ready to be part of it.

As well as being the love of Music Officer Scott’s life, we’ve also had testimonials from several student stations:

George Bunn & Junction 11 said:

Brockhampton are ideal for student radio as they are the perfect boy band/rap collective for 2019. Making explosive, intelligent, engaging and entertaining rap music that not only makes references to the past, but clever usage of social media platforms to promote their music they’ve become the hottest new thing in America. Their Saturation trilogy of albums released in 2017, and their recent effort, Iridescence released this year, have all gained critical acclaim, with their live shows becoming known for an electrifying and intense atmosphere. In the world of Gucci Gang and Lucid Dreams, Brockhampton make the rap music that the pop scene desperately needs. They’re going to be global superstars, and as Abstract reiterates on BOOGIE, the colossal opener to Saturation III, “Ain’t no stopping me tonight, Imma get all the things I like”.

Likewise, Mariella Bevan and URY said:

Beyond the music, Brockhampton have managed to build a dedicated community of fans who are made to feel as though they fit in where they might not do anywhere else – you only have to look at the way they’ve dealt with certain controversies that have hit them recently to see that they have more commitment to maintaining this than many other bands have had in the past. They have not shied away from hard topics in their lyrics such as mental health and drug abuse, which has only continued with the beginning of their new era on iridescence. Having gone from strength to strength in the past year and showing no signs of stopping, it will be exciting to see where the band take their sound in 2019. Some might say they are the best boyband since One Direction, and I would have to agree.

By making our SRA Class of 2019, all of Brockhampton’s future singles will be considered for airplay across the UK. They’ll also get guaranteed support through our SRA Chart & streaming playlists.

Written by Scott Hastie, George Bunn & Mariella Bevan