From uploading to YouTube from her bedroom 7 years ago to being BBC Radio 1’s chillest record in the world, dodie is definitely one to watch this year (and to be clear, is insistent on the lowercase ‘d’)

Her delicate vocals and poetry like lyrics explore more than teenage heartbreak – what’s intriguing and captivating when her music follows her journey in her brain: with experience of depression, anxiety and derealisation.

From YouTube star to Spotify sensation, dodie is a solid reminder that anyone can make it in the world of music if they work hard and have faith in themselves. She puts everything into writing her songs making them personal and thus relatable to each person listening.

With her single ‘Sick of losing soulmates’, released back in 2016, she has gained nearly 38,000,000 streams on that one song alone. She spread her delicate voice and blissful guitar sounds through the UK to place her at a respectable #6 in the charts for her EP ‘You’ in mid-2017.

dodie is set to release an EP titled ‘Human’ on 19th January 2019 and has teased us with a pre-release of one of the tracks also named ‘Human’ (featuring Tom Walker). Her innocent and graceful presence within her vocals creates a sensitive yet playful sound that draws in your ears to listen closely into the emotionally-rich lyrics. 2019 will be full of love for dodie as she makes her way through the UK and Europe on her Human tour in early 2019.

If you’re looking for someone to relax you to no end, remind you of heartache, and delve into the world of mental health, with gorgeous string arrangements and deliciously clever lyrics, then dodie is for you.

By making our SRA Class of 2019, Dodie will have all of her future singles considered for airplay across the UK. She also has guaranteed support through our SRA Chart & streaming playlists.

Written: Abi Gibson Rosie Oliver