With blends of jazz, electro and indie genres, Easy Life stormed their way through 2018, picking up more listeners than ever – leading to multiple sold out venues on their UK tour and a live performance on ‘Later…’ with Jools Holland.

Easy Life released ‘Pockets’ back in 2017 exposing their poignant experimental style. Then, with the release of ‘Nightmares’ came a massive explosion of attention as they brought us a catchy song soaked in rhythmic trumpet paired with cleverly written lyrics and eclectic sounds.

Their gigs will continue to grow in capacity as they move into 2019. Hearing their music blast through your headphones is exciting enough, but actually seeing them live is a whole different experience. You are up close and personal, appreciating the sounds alongside them as they groove and dance on stage with a mix of guitars, bass, keys, drums, saxophone and trumpet – along with any other instrument and experimental sound they can get their hands on.

Easy Life will dominate our playlists in 2019, you heard it here first…

The band themselves had this to say on making our Class of 2019:

‘We are honestly so gassed to be part of SRA class of 2019. All our best mates are students and we like the idea that they are now being forced to listen to us. Hold tight SRA’

By making our Class of 2019, Easy Life will have all of their future singles considered for airplay across the UK. We’ll also be giving them guaranteed support through our SRA Chart & streaming playlists.

Written by Rosie Oliver