It’s been a good year for UK jazz and in turn a good year for Ezra Collective. Dropping their incredibly polished second EP, ‘Juan Pablo: The Philosopher’, in October, this London-based five-piece flaunts their technical skill as well as their soulful and playful sound throughout its 24-minute runtime. Fusing a timeless jazz sound with afrobeat and even hip-hop in parts, their high energy exudes from their music, no wonder  the amazing Jorja Smith wanted to collaborate on the song ‘Reason in Disguise’, where Smith’s beautiful voice is paired with the band providing an effortlessly slick sounding accompaniment.

Their music this year has been a joy to listen to; the interplay between the trumpet, sax, keys, drums and bass is magical. And considering the improvement between their debut 2016 EP and this 2018 EP, I can’t wait to hear what these guys bring us in the future.

Ezra Collective have such a unique, beautiful sound, which brings a great diversity to student radio. Their jazz style varies from track to track, with songs such as ‘Chapter 7’ being more funky and rap-infused, and others such as ‘Reason in Disguise’ (featuring the amazing Jorja Smith) being more mellow. With their debut album expected for release in Spring 2019, the Ezra Collective certainly have a bright future ahead of them, and student radio is the springboard for this.

They’re not just the token jazz act, they’re the group who are going to dispel that term. They’re bringing jazz to a completely new audience, creating a movement.

By making our SRA Class of 2019, all of Ezra Collective’s future singles will be considered for airplay across the UK. We also promise guaranteed support through our SRA Chart show and streaming playlists.

Written: Sophie Wales & Pascal Maguet