With one of the biggest ballads of the year, and a voice to create many more, we’re happy to have Freya Ridings as part of our SRA Class of 2019.

Her single Lost Without You has been one of the biggest records of the year, and her previous work such as the impeccable cover of Yeah Yeah Yeah’s Maps suggests future stardom is just around the corner.

Writing her debut album at the moment for release in 2019, we’re excited to hear more to come.

Freya herself had the following to say about being part of our SRA Class of 2019:

“Thanks to the SRA for adding me to their Class of 2019! I love playing shows in student towns and can’t wait for more next year in March!

By making our Class of 2019, all of Freya’s future singles will be considered for airplay across the UK. She will also get support on her music through our SRA Chart & streaming playlists.

Written by Scott Hastie