Just hitting the number one spot on our SRA Chart, and now into our SRA Class of 2019 is the incredible Jade Bird.

I think its actually quite rare to find an upcoming artist who geniunely sounds ‘cool’ on the radio. Someone who just does their own thing without trying to be purposefully left field or a spectacular mimic of the chart, and still cuts above all the noise. Adopting her own interpretation of what some are describing as British-Americana, Jade Bird is sailing high above most of the new names around.

There’s something special about her ability to switch between rocky, country-influenced songs, coupled with a powerful raspy vocal, to then sing such delicate, threadbare tracks such as ‘What Am I Here For’, demonstrating a sweetness that I think is sometimes overlooked. She is so excitingly versatile and can write brilliantly crafted singles, I can’t wait to see what she gets up to in 2019.

By making our Class of 2019, all of Jade’s future singles will be considered for airplay across the UK. We also guarantee support through our SRA Chart & streaming playlists.

Written by Claire Lynch