Mahalia is one of several up-and-coming artists that are showcasing our R&B talent over here in the UK. For a long time, artists from the US have dominated the scene but if this young artist is anything to go by, that won’t be the case for much longer. Hailing from Leicester, Mahalia is proving that you don’t have to be from London to make it in the mainstream. Her music is soulful and wise beyond her years, harking back to the golden age of 90’s era R&B. One of the reasons for her maturity is her upbringing; having grown up as one of the only black girls in her school, being picked on, coming from a musical background – all of which are reflected in her lyrics.

She cites a wide range of diverse artists as her influences from Erykah Badu to Amy Winehouse, from Talib Kweli to Ed Sheeran, this diversity certainly comes across in her music. Her songs range from the lighthearted breakout hit ‘Sober’, to the more serious singer-songwriter track ‘Silly Girl’ all the way to the more rock heavy ‘Never Change’. With such a wide scope of sounds sourced from all over the musical spectrum, it is no wonder that Mahalia has been catching people’s attention, and at the young age of 19 it wouldn’t be surprising if she were to be the sound of many years to come.

Around a year ago, Jorja Smith was nominated for the BRITs Critics’ Choice Award. At this same time, I wrote an article on twenty year old singer-songwriter Mahalia, claiming she too had the potential to follow in these footsteps. Just the other day, the singer was nominated for that same BRITs Critic Choice Award. Mahalia is bringing something new to the R&B scene; her empowering lyricism mixed with sultry vocals produces a vibe like no other.

As Mahalia is of a similar age as most of us at studying at University, she’s a perfect artist for Student Radio. Her grounded and friendly persona makes it easy for young women to relate to her, as she sings about issues girls are bound to encounter at some point. Her determination to not give up no matter how tough things get, and her focus on the music as the most important aspect of her career are just some of the reasons I love and respect her as an artist.

Mahalia’s journey is only just beginning, and Student Radio will be there to support her along the way.

By making our Class of 2019, all of Mahalia’s future singles will be considered for airplay. We also guarantee support through our SRA Chart & streaming playlists.

Written by Alev Omer & Mariella Bevan