Keeping Glasgow at arm’s length, the Snuts have created their own scene. Based in Lothian, the Snuts create infectious guitar-based indie music, citing greats such as Oasis, Kings of Leon and the Arctic Monkeys as key influences.

After first releasing a demo EP the Snuts have followed up with hard-hitting singles this year such ‘Seasons’ and ‘Manhattan Project.’ Whilst the band’s sound is becoming tighter and more distinct, it is their live shows which really showcase their energy and bring the songs to life. After completing a headline UK tour this year there’s a lot more to come from the Snuts in 2019 – don’t let them slip off your radar!

The Snuts represent a new take on music and have a connection with their fans unlike any other. As a true local Scottish band, they have released tracks such as Glasgow which can get any Scottish crowd singing along and dancing. It is amazing to see true local talent blossom and I can’t wait to see what The Snuts create next.

By making our Class of 2019, The Snuts are guaranteed support for all future singles through consideration for airplay across the UK. We’ll also support through our SRA Chart Show & our streaming playlists.

Written by Chloe Burrell & Joe Bell