With so many indie bands on the rise, it can be hard to distinguish yourself from the rest, but that is exactly what Wild Front are doing. Their dreamy ambient pop rock is a breath of fresh air that is promising to make for an exciting debut record, one that they has been rumoured to release next year. Understandably, the four-piece have said they are in no rush to push anything out until it is ready, which is definitely a sign of a band who know which direction they want to head in. The band were raised by the sunny South Coast, and have been making music together for years which is no surprise with how accomplished they sound together, both live and in the studio.

This combination of experience and unique flair to their music is what makes Wild Front such an exciting band for the coming year. Their 2017 EP Physics combines slick vocal harmonies with every song evoking different moods; from the ethereal instrumental outro on the title track, to the punchy guitar on ‘Few and Far Between’. The last year has seen the band continue this diversity, with their most recent track ‘Make You Feel’ leaning in a more pop direction than previous tracks whilst ‘Simmer Down’ has a rock kick that is equally fresh.

Wild Front have been showing in 2018 that they deserve to be taken seriously, and as a result they are proving that they deserve to be gracing our ears more from the radio as well as the stage in 2019. After dominating the up and coming indie band scene at many festivals in the summer of 2018 (to name a few… Truck Festival, Common People, Y Not Festival, etc), they are currently busy cooking up some new indie bangers for us all.

After releasing their first song ‘Rico’ back in 2016, they have not been afraid of throwing their sound out there and it has been super successful with their latest release of ‘Make You Feel’ in September 2018. Wild Front are currently hibernating in the studio as they record their next bangers for us all to be released in 2019.

With nearly 40,000 monthly listeners on Spotify they are breaking their way into our song queues and into our hearts whilst they continue to amaze listeners as no song sounds the same – each one is an advancement with elements of freshness that is needed within an indie band.

These boys are taking over the indie scene and 2019 is their time to do it. Wild Front also had the following to say on being included on the list:

‘We hope 2019 is going to be our year and we are looking forward to starting the new year off with new music and tour dates. Thanks to the SRA for all their support so far and have a great holiday when it comes!’

By making our Class of 2019, we promise to support every future single from Wild Front through consideration for airplay. We also guarantee support through our SRA Chart show & streaming playlists.

Written by Rosie Oliver & Mariella Bevan