It wasn’t too long ago since the Student Radio Awards 2018 supported by BBC Radio 1 and Global took place and we got to find out who was to be crowned Best Male and Best Female 2018!

Recently, the gold winners of Best Male and Best Female got to present their own show on BBC Radio 1 over the New Year. We got to chat with Adam English, Best Male 2018, and Nikki Osborne, Best Female 2018, post BBC Radio 1 show.

Here is what Adam said:

“Winning Best Male was honestly such a surprise to me, especially in hindsight having now listened to the other nominees’ submissions. Such a talented bunch of lads, it was an honour to even be included in the list with them! The last few months have been an absolute dream – which I know is cliche to say but its the darned truth I tell you. From sitting in those iconic studios to meeting all the producers and presenters knocking around the offices (who were all suspiciously lovely by the way), the whole thing was extremely pleasant. And then hearing myself on THE BBC Radio 1 was just next level – admittedly I was hammered and in a kebab shop, listening through my phone. Still good though. I’d also like to say huge thanks to the SRA for being such an amazing body. None of this would be possible without what you guys do!”

Nikki had this to say:

“Winning Best Female Presenter at the 2018 Student Radio Awards was such a wonderful and humbling moment. I felt so honoured to even be nominated alongside such talented women, so to go on to win the award I was blown away. The few months since then have been a whirlwind. Going down to the Radio 1 studios in London to record my show was such an amazing experience. Everyone was so lovely and I learnt so much about professional radio. Hearing myself live on BBC Radio 1 on New Year’s Eve was surreal and I loved every moment. I’d recommend to everyone to enter the awards as you never know what might happen! Thanks to the Student Radio Association and BBC Radio 1 for an unbelievable experience.”

If you want to listen back to these shows make sure you check them out on BBC Sounds here:

Nikki Osborn on New Year’s Eve

Adam English on New Year’s Day