Today, University Radio York have unveiled a new second studio, completed after the student station won a grant from their University’s alumni.

Photo: Tom Bellis

The new studio, announced in the early hours of this morning, was made possible by a £40,000 grant from the University of York’s Alumni Association for the Big Campus Sound Project.

The aim for the project is to complete necessary work to refit URY’s studios to industry standard. Once the project is finished, it will provide a state of the art space not only for their members, but to anyone at the University of York who needs to record audio. This first step of the project was making both studios to an equal standard.

The studio, which features entirely new hardware and software, was refitted solely by URY members, with the exception of the painting and decorating. It includes a brand new Sonifex S2, m!ka Mic Arm TVs ready for visualisation, SM7B microphones, and a custom presenting desk made by Knotty Ash Woodworking Ltd. You can see from the pictures it looks pretty tasty!

URY ‘40k Coordinator’ Naomi Gildert in the new ‘Studio Blue’ – Photo: Tom Belli

Students worked to solder over a thousand connections for custom wiring, mounted monitors, speakers and audio treatment, and created a custom box (fully designed and implemented by a single student) that allows Sonifex buttons to trigger URY’s in house play-out system. 

One of URY’s ‘40k Coordinators’, Naomi Gildert, had this to say: “This has been a fantastic opportunity for our members to get hands on experience designing and building a studio and learn more about broadcast engineering. Studio Blue before the refit rocked a Sonifex Sovereign that was so dodgy most people’s advice for using it was ‘fade everything up and pray what you want to play comes out from somewhere’. It was only used for pre-recording when times were desperate and it was in dire need of a refurb. 

This has been a huge labour of love that has been almost entirely sponsored by Greggs bacon butties and we are so thrilled with the result. We now have two identical studios that can be used by members interchangeably and simultaneously and we are well on our way to becoming the hub of audio recording needs for the University of York. Now on to Studio Red!”

Station Manager Alex West added: “Whilst I personally haven’t been involved with the project, it’s been incredible to see how it’s developed in just over a year from a simple idea to apply for some funding, to an all new working studio. It is a testament to the incredible commitment, dexterity and genius of our Engineering and Computing Teams that this was possible, and I am so so proud. I can’t wait to try it out!”

Well done to University Radio York, and all the best in completing their project!