The Student Radio Conference is always an exciting time – There’s parties, fancy meals, fancy outfits, plenty of incredibly talks and of course, half of the UK radio industry. But what do we have in store for you this time around?

With the 2019 Student Radio Conference in Swansea close on the horizon, SRA Events Officer Dan Wildman is here to give you a little more of an insight as to what you’ll be getting up to in Wales this April.


As you’ve likely seen, ticketing for Conference this year is via our website rather than the shiny new EventBrite system that we used for awards last November. We’ve done this for a variety of reasons, but primarily the reason is cost.

Something we’re committed to as an organisation is keeping the cost to students as low as feasibly possible. Using external ticket suppliers comes with an added admin cost per ticket, which adds to the overall ticket price. When considering the per-ticket price of a Conference ticket as opposed to Awards, this turned out to be a pretty hefty addition – Enough so that we felt uncomfortable with the higher cost and decided to use our existing system instead.

Our EventBrite trial went spectacularly well – Far better than even we’d expected, judging by your feedback, and this is something that we’re now looking to implement across the board. This’ll be ready for the next year of events, and planning will be taking place very early on whilst we have the freedom to plan the best way to negate additional costs.

For now, however, you can find tickets available at


I’m happy to say that both Demo Factor and the I Love Student Radio Awards will both be returning to the Student Radio Conference this year! As a part of ongoing effort throughout the year to set a new standard of quality of SRA events, we’ve put a huge emphasis on both the quality of the evenings, and the production standards of the shows themselves.

Both evenings will be held in the main theatre of the Swansea University Great Hall (go ahead and Google it – You’ll understand what we mean!). In there is where we’ll be hosting dinner for both evening, including a three-course banquet before the I Love Student Radio Awards, as well as both shows.

Now, on the topic of the I Love Student Radio Awards, this particular area of the week is where a lot of our Conference-related feedback from the last few years has been directed, highlighting a need for us to seriously consider our production quality. Well, we’ve done so, coming to the conclusion that the ILSR’s should be nothing short of “The Student Radio Awards (On Tour).” As such, we’re focusing a significant amount of effort into improving the second evening, drawing heavily from the successes of the 2018 Student Radio Awards.

You’ll be hearing a lot more about this very shortly. Keep your eyes on our socials for more announcements!

I think that’s it for Part 1 – We’ll be back in touch soon to let you know more info about some of the more boring things like our improved logistics flow (yuck), or much more exciting things like talks and speakers, but for now… make sure you check out the #SRACon Essential Information post and see you soon!

Dan Wildman

Events Officer