Here are the nominations for the I Love Student Radio Awards supported by Communicorp UK. This longlist has been passed to a panel of industry professionals for judging, and the winners will be announced at the ILSR Awards ceremony held during the National Student Radio Conference 2019 in Swansea.

Hero of the Moment
Ellie Marsh – Spark
Kate Briggs-Price – Surge
Kate Stevens – Shock Radio
Kenny Field – Surge
Liv Perry – Surge
Michael Melville – URF
Oliver Pusey – Pure FM
Solmaz Aslan – URF
Tristan Fancourt – Surge

Best Training Initiative
Fly FM
Rebel Radio
Shock Radio

Best Audience Initiative
Fly FM – Freshers’ Week
Nerve Radio – Jemma Woods & Amber Cann
RAW Breakfast
Shock Radio
Surge – Midterms
Surge – Podcasts
Surge – Study Abroad Podcasts

Outstanding Contribution to a Student Radio Station
Aaron Casanova – KCL
Alex Hughes – Shock Radio
Ben Swift – Fly FM
Ben Winter – Radio Sonar
Cameron Thrower – Rebel Radio
Carl Harris – Brookes Radio
Connor Powell – RAW
Daniel George – Radio Sonar
Ed Aplvor – URF
Elliot Morris – Surge
Fay Toulios – Shock Radio
Jack Biggin – LSR
Jake Willis – Surge
Jenny Pagliuca – Surge
Jess Dunning – Purple Radio
Keiran Manetta-Jones – Xpress Radio
Lauren Moore – Rebel Radio
Lily-Rose Lenton – NSU/Radio
Matthew McGregor-Morales – URF
Megan Hayward – Shock Radio
Michael Melville – URF
Naomi Gildert – URY
Nina Semple – URF
Oliver Pusey – Pure FM
Ollie Brookes – URB
Polly Marquis – Surge
Ryan Beckerleg – Xpress Radio
Solmaz Aslan – URF
Sonia Massamba (Nia Raye) – Blast Radio
Tom Bellis – URY
Tom Clabon – Surge
Tom Evers – DemonFM
Tom Hinckley – Shock Radio
Zak Georgiou – Fly FM

Student Radio Team of the Year
Burn FM Production Team
Fly FM Systems and Sound
Fly FM News
Purple Radio Sport Team
Radio ENRG Music and Arts Team
Radio Sonar’s Music Team
Shock Radio Events Team
Shock Radio Sports Team
RAW Show Development Team
Smoke Radio
Surge Factual and Culture Team
Surge Radio Committee
Surge Radio News Team
Surge Sports Team
The Demon Sport Team
URF Events Team
URF Tech Team
URY Computing
Xpress Radio Production Team

Best Outreach Project
Nerve Radio – Dorset Mind
Radio LaB – Luton Sixth Form Takeover
Shock Radio – Monday Mix
Shock Radio – This Girl Can
Smoke Radio – 24 Hour Broadcast for Movember
Smoke Radio – National Student Pride
Sound Radio – 24 Hour Shows
Spark – Cash 4 Calendars
Spark – IWD 2019
URF – RISE UK Campaign
Xpress Radio – Specialist Takeover

Most Committed Committee Member
Alastair Hancock – Shock Radio
Alex Hughes – Shock Radio
Alex Kemp – Rebel Radio
Alex Smith – NSU/Radio
Cameron Thrower – Rebel Radio
Catarina Vieira – Spark
Connor Powell – RAW
Dan Richmond – Shock Radio
Danni Diston Xpress Radio
Edd Norton – Shock Radio
Elliot Keen – Burn FM
Emily Youlton – Burn FM
Emma Snow – Fly FM
Fay Toulios – Shock Radio
Hannah Mae-Graham – Shock Radio
Harry Cannell – Shock Radio
Harry Van Daalen – Shock Radio
Jack Challinor – Surge
James Slater – NSU/Radio
Jamie Atkinson – Shock Radio
John Rogers – Burn FM
Jordan Blyth – Spark
Lauren Moore – Rebel Radio
Liv Perry – Surge
Liz Markham – URF
Lucie Lewis – LCR
Meg Sharma – Xpress Radio
Megan Hayward – Shock Radio
Oliver Pusey – Pure FM
Rosie Oliver – Sound Radio
Sarika Gandhi – URF
Sian Medford – Blast Radio
Sophie Buxton – Shock Radio
Sophie Wales – Surge
Tim Slack – URF
Will Rendall – Surge

Most Improved Student Radio Station
Blast Radio
Brookes Radio
Burn FM
Fly FM
Radio ENRG
Radio Sonar
Shock Radio
Sound Radio
Stag Radio
Xpress Radio
Xtreme Radio

That’s it for this year! Want to join in the celebrations in Swansea and be the first to find our our winners and runners-up? Non-accommodated tickets to #SRACon 2019 are on sale until 27 March 2019.