Whether this is your first Student Radio Conference or your fourth – you will always be wondering what do I need to pack or what is the dress code for the I Love Student Radio awards?

Well, we want this article to be able to answer any of those questions.

To start off the essentials to bring are definitely a notebook & pen for all those radio hacks and key information from the sessions to help you get started off in the industry. Don’t forget most sessions will feature Q&A’s so make sure you think of some really good questions to ask! Also, why not bring along business cards as the Student Radio Conference is an incredible place to network and chat to industry professionals so why not hand them a business card, they may remember you when they get back to the office.

If you have seen our recent Twitter thread you will know that we are putting on an exciting workshop called ‘SRA Aircheck’. So make sure you have your demo ready (.mp3, .m4a or .wav files) as this is your chance to get feedback on your demo from industry professionals to develop your skills and confidence behind the microphone. We are super excited as Mike Cass, James Walker, Vicki Blight and Paul Gerrard will be the ones giving incredible feedback which could totally kick start your radio career!

During the day when you’re sat in Keynotes & Breakout sessions you want to be as comfy as possible (especially if you’re hungover from Demo Factor or I Love Student Radio Awards) so we definitely suggest casual clothing. Let’s save the glam for the evening events.

Demo Factor: This is a super chilled event so it’s just the standard everyday outfit you are comfortable but confident in. But if you want to be looking fierce, go for it, as you never know if your demo is picked out and you get chatting to the judges & industry professionals it could be the start of an amazing career in radio!

I Love Student Radio Awards: Since it’s the awards you can go as wild as you want. It’s time to get suited and booted or all glammed up! Grab that suit and tie or pair of heels that are hidden at the back of your wardrobe. Who knows you may be a winner of an ILSR Award this year so there are plenty of photo opportunities with your student station and new student radio friends.

Finally, do NOT bring umbrellas you may end up seriously injured, it’s best to stick to raincoats in Swansea as it is very windy and it apparently rains a lot!

If you have any questions ahead of or during the conference, we are @SRA on Twitter so slide in to our DM’s and we will help you out the best we can!