11th June 2019

The UK Student Radio Association supports and values the continued growth of our members and their student stations. It is because of this that we are deeply disheartened by the actions and decisions of some of the universities across the UK. They are removing the opportunity for students to maximise their potential in the creative industries, something that is so fundamental to students success in their very imminent post-graduate life. Student radio is something many students are proud to be part of. As students graduate and move on to industry jobs, it’s passed down to the future generations who use this platform to grow and develop key skills for their careers.

Student radio gives many students a platform to express their opinions, grow in confidence and break into their chosen industry. Additionally, it gives students many incredible experiences such as networking with industry, regional training days and being able to enter national awards. It also gives students many life skills and transferable jobs skills such as teamwork, problem-solving, confidence with presenting & producing content and the attitude to keep on learning new skills and developing the ones they already possess.

University can sometimes become very stressful especially with the pressures of assignments and exams. In that student radio is an escape for many students as it’s a break from their studies and a platform where they can have fun with their friends. Removing facilities, cutting much-needed funds and lessening support in student radio stations is building barriers between all of these amazing opportunities and the escape that many students often need.

Our aim is to continue encouraging more young people to become involved in the radio, music and audio sectors by providing accessible opportunities and training. Student radio allows students to embrace new opportunities and empower peers to become the future of radio. We will continue to hold a trusted position in the world of radio as a supportive partner.

Student stations simply can’t progress as they have and this is something we condemn. We want our members to know that we are here to support you. Sadly we can’t fund stations, but we will do what we can to support your journey to seek funding, training, and knowledge.

If you have any questions regarding this, please contact us. Our Executive team will always be able to help if you have any concerns. The Regional Officers are supporting us so we can do our best to collaborate with the radio industry to ensure that you are supported.