The entry system for the Student Radio Awards 2019 supported by BBC Radio 1 and Global has now closed!

We just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to everyone that has submitted entries for the awards this year. You have all worked extremely hard creating incredible entries, our judges are very excited to begin the judging process.

Don’t forget, every entry has a charge, which helps us run the award entry and judging software. We keep these charges as low as we can, and it’s remained static over the last few years (even if everything else seems to get more expensive).

We have a brand-new system this year which was designed to make it easier to actually submit your entry. The way this is all set up means that we have to send invoices out separately and subsequently, but again this is all done in a way that makes it as simple as possible.

When you signed up to the entry platform, you will have put in your student station. This is important, because on one hand it allows us to check that your entry is valid, and on the other because we then know who to invoice for what.

As your station pays its membership every year, we have invoicing set up through already established channels. We have decided to run the invoicing for the awards through these channels to help make sure everything gets to the right place in good time so that entries aren’t impacted.

In the week of the 29th July, invoices will start going out to all stations for the entries made by their members. This doesn’t mean that the stations should pay for their members’ entries, but they are the point of invoice. We recommended from the start that anyone entering an award should advise their station to let them know, so that they were aware of it.

The invoice the stations get will have every entry from that station. They can then ask their members to send the relevant monies for their individual entries through to them, so that everything can be paid. We have requested that the payment comes only from the stations to allow payments to be tracked with ease and prevent issues down the line. As such, entrants should send their entry fee to their stations so that they can pay the invoice.

Stations can then send through payment for all awards they have received payment for and any that are entered by the station themselves. If not everything on the invoice has been paid, the ones outstanding should be highlighted to us. These entries, if not paid for by the payment deadline, will not be considered for judgment. However, it is important to point out that there is no impact on the station themselves or any other entry they have made, as they are all considered to be separate.

In short, an invoice for all entries goes to the station. They can recharge their members the relevant entries. Before the deadline, the station pays the invoice for all entries that they have received money for from their members, and these will then be approved entries; any not paid will be rejected entries, but this has no bearing on any other entry from that station.

Individuals: talk to your station and send your entry fee to them. Stations: submit the money for the invoice and let us know any that you aren’t paying for for whatever reason.