A report into diversity by OFCOM finds Ethnic minorities, women in senior roles and disabled employees are under-represented within the current state of the UK radio industry.

Whilst OFCOM does recognise that the radio industry has progressed significantly in the last 12 months, the vast majority of minority groups within radio are still largely under-represented.  The study finds that women continue to be under-represented in senior leadership roles across radio with male counterparts occupying 63% of upper management positions and 54% of junior management positions.  Only six-per-cent of employees across radio identify as disabled and the number of ethnic minorities within radio has made little progress in the last year, growing to seven-per-cent (up from six).

A podcast, Dialling up Diversity in Radio was released alongside the report in which senior members of management from the BBC, Bauer and Global speak candidly about diversity within radio.

OFCOM’s Director of Content, Vikki Cook states: “There’s still a long way to go before the radio industry reflects the communities it broadcasts to around the UK.”

Whilst broadcasters across the country are making the effort to diversify the landscape of radio, the SRA holds this as one of its core values and continues to strive to push diversity across student radio in the UK. Embracing new opportunities and change in the needs of our members and the radio industry we are a part of today has always been our goal.

Student radio continues to celebrate differences in radio through opening its doors to students from a variety of different backgrounds. We truly do believe that this is what makes Student radio great and why the SRA will continue to push for diversity in all forms.

You can read the full RadioToday article here