We haven’t even pressed play on the new year of student radio in the North West & North Wales yet and we’re already off to a great start with some brilliant news from our friends at Lancaster University, Bailrigg FM.

Last year, Bailrigg had a rough time when the devastating news was delivered that their FM license was being removed and the station thus moved to an online platform. The great thing about student radio and what makes it so special, is the passion that students, past and present have towards what they do.

Bailrigg petitioned with great success for their airwave return later this year, as an agreement was made with their union’s trustee board to renew the broadcasting license in order to allow and support the station’s growth and development.

In a recent statement Bailrigg FM stated:

‘’We would like to thank everyone who has voiced their disapproval with the initial decision over the last few
months. The voices of many students, alumni, industry professionals and others have helped keep us on the airwaves. In particular, we would like to thank last year’s Vice-President (Campaigns & Communications) Islay Grant for her dedicated efforts on the station’s behalf. We are grateful to all who helped”.

“This means a lot to our members. Bailrigg FM will now continue to be a place where hobbyists and industry hopefuls alike can gain real experience being part of a radio station, be it as a presenter, producer, technician, or anything else. This is so important to our members, both current and future, and was a driving force behind pushing back against the licensing decision’’.

It is not only a massive victory for Bailrigg, but for student radio and all SRA stations as a whole… A huge congrats & well done to everyone at Lancaster for working together and arriving at the right decision!

Click here to read the full statement from Bailrigg FM.