With his sudden appearance in the music world and ethereal, almost beautifully androgynous vocals, Joesef is definitely the mysterious and intriguing voice of the SRA Class of 2020. The honest simplicity behind Joesef’s work is perfectly demonstrated by the short bio that can be found on his Spotify and Facebook pages: “written, recorded and produced by me. Xxxx.” 

There is little known about this young singer songwriter from Glasgow. He has only recently hit the stage as a new artist with both his first gig and debut release in 2019. As of now he has released a short EP ‘Play Me Something Nice’ and several singles, the most recent of which is ‘Don’t Give In’, a song that finds a perfect balance between the sincere and poetic lyrics which evoke an image of youthful experience and passion in the listener, and the steady, almost jazzy rhythm of the instrumental sounds that make up the background music. His unique music manages to blend the romantic lyrics of the crooners of the past with the soul of R&B and the beats of mellow hip hop, which may appeal to fans of groups such as Masego or Raveena.

Many people are impressed with not only the speed with which he has become a known musician, particularly among university aged students, but also the level of professionality in sound and production which can be heard in his releases. It is hard to believe that it all started out of his bedroom in Glasgow. 

Despite these humble, one could say even improbable, beginnings one thing that his hometown start has given him is the inspiration and social acceptance and life that has lead to the writing and creation of his music. In a recent interview with Vogue he talks about how the excitement and passion of the liberal city of Glasgow has allowed him to experience life in an honest and expressive way, something that is integral to his “Sad Boy” music. 

With the emphasis on honest, true and universal love, and his open expression and discussion of his sexual identity, his music is something that will resonate with many young people– both those that can find a shared past experience and those that hope to attain the courage to speak as openly as he does with his songs. Many students at universities such as King’s College London are already starting to share his music through the student radio platforms as well as interpersonally. 

Don’t miss out on hearing the voice of a boy who, like well-known artist Lewis Capaldi, sold out his first gig at King Tut’s club in Glasgow without ever releasing a song. His upcoming gigs include shows in both Manchester and Brighton in mid-November, a holiday gig on December 23rd  in his hometown of Glasgow, and a tour around several cities in western Europe in March ending back in the UK to play in London. Most of the information can be easily accessed on his Facebook page.

Enjoy listening, and as Joesef would say,

x x x x


Words by Eva Scarpulla of KCL Radio, KCL