L Devine mixes catchy pop tunes with compelling lyrics about growing up and coming of age making her the perfect member of the SRA class of 2020.

With two EPs and a handful of singles under her belt along with a headline tour planned for May 2020, she is slowly becoming one of the UKs best rising pop powerhouses. 

Assuming there is more music in the works and, hopefully, an album on the horizon, there is no chance of her slowing down the momentum she has built any time soon and we can only expect more amazing things. Her lyrics are something any teen or twenty-something can relate to. 

Her songs feature themes such as sexuality, relationships and societal pressures, which encapsulate the trials and tribulations of growing up in the world today. 

Having also recently started a podcast where she interviews friends and family members about their growing up journey and the songs that defined their adolescence she is determined to build a community for young people so they feel less alone facing the struggles of growing up.

Words by Melody Perry of Radio Sonar, Solent University