From uploading her music onto her YouTube channel at 15, to having four million monthly listeners on Spotify just four years later, Brighton’s Maisie Peters is already making waves and is definitely one to watch this year.

The self-proclaimed ‘First Lady of emo girl pop’ has a unique versatility in the way she can seamlessly transition so smoothly from heartfelt ballads, to full on pop bangers.

 With two EP’s under her belt, it was her debut, Dressed Too Nice For A Jacket (released in 2018) that made people really start to take notice. Her story telling way of song writing is established on this EP and has clearly evolved since then, shown by her incredible growth on her latest EP It’s Your Bed Babe, It’s your Funeral. Maisie truly constitutes her pop sound on this and manages to intertwine tales of woe with tales of self-growth in a truly empowering set of songs. She explores more than just heartbreak with her music and instead delves into the recovery and the evolution of the self that each heartbreak can bring with it.

Not being opposed to leaking her own music on her Instagram stories, we know that she is definitely working on some new tracks, whether these will be released soon, or not at all, is yet to be discovered. 

Only big things can be expected of Maisie in 2020, with a sold-out Shepherds Bush Empire show happening this November and having just completed a huge USA tour it is clear that 2020 will be 100% her year. She hasn’t mentioned an album for anytime soon, but with two EP’s already out, could 2020 be the year we see her debut released (or at least teased). We hope so.

Written by Joe Smith of NSR, Newcastle Uni