Over Christmas you may have heard new voices take over the airwaves of BBC Radio 1… 

It was a once in a lifetime opportunity for 35 upcoming presenters as well as DJs and for us to be able to hear so many voices that we recognise from student radio was AMAZING! It is incredible to see the BBC giving out so many opportunities to students and recent graduates. We got to chat with a few student radio alumni about their experience presenting on BBC Radio 1 over Christmas!

Priya Matharu, Shock Radio alumna – Asian Beats

“I still can’t believe I got to present on BBC Radio 1! It was an incredible experience! It was great to work with producers to put a show together, and to sit behind the same mic as so many legends was unbelievable! Getting the Asian Beats show was a lot of fun and it was the ideal show for me to present! I’m still really grateful for the experience and proud that a lot of us were representing student radio!”

Holly & Rhys, Smoke Radio alumni – Early Breakfast Show

“What an experience! We can’t thank the Student Radio Association and BBC Radio 1 enough for the opportunity of a lifetime. Our aim was to produce a fun and entertaining  show and with the help of Smoke Radio’s Sara Motie and Pulama Kaufman, we feel like we smashed that goal. 

We’ve had so much fantastic feedback from friends, family and industry professionals on some of the features we included. Some of our stand out content featured both of our Nans, Barbara and Mary. They are our biggest fans, so it was only fair we give them their big breaks on national radio!”

Cal Carthy, Fly FM alumnus – Future Sounds

“Presenting on BBC Radio 1 has been an ambition of mine for so, so long and to be able to fulfil that at such an early stage of my career is insane. Covering for Annie Mac, no less – somebody who I’ve looked up to and admired for many years, was a dream come true, and the shows couldn’t have gone better! The whole experience was surreal. The feedback and love I’ve received since the news went out and the shows aired has been overwhelming, and the advice and feedback I’ve had from industry professionals has been invaluable. Now I need to make sure I take their words on board, keep working harder, and pursue more and more opportunities to get back there sooner rather than later.”

Joel & Hannah, URY alumni- Chart Show & Party Anthems

“I mean, it was quite the jump from doing the SRA Chart to the Official Chart on Radio 1. You couldn’t make the whole thing up really: Scott Mills casually tells you during the Student Radio Awards that you’ll be sitting in for him, and then there’s six frantic weeks of pilot shows and promotional stuff before you present the final chart of the decade! The whole thing is still a bit of blur, but it was an awesome opportunity and amazing to share it with one of my best mates. I even loved the guy who tracked down my personal Insta to tell me that I’d made his ‘ears bleed out’…” – Joel

You can listen back to all of their shows over on the BBC Sounds app!