It’s that time of year again – Tickets for the Student Radio Conference 2020, hosted by Shock Radio at the University of Salford, are now on sale! We’re doing things a little bit differently this year, so we’d like to take this opportunity to let you know what we’ve changed about Conference and how it’ll affect you as a delegate.

Firstly, and most importantly, we’re no longer offering accommodated tickets. There’s a background to this, and I’d like to explain how we came to this decision. 

Each year we face an increasingly difficult battle to keep the Conference ticket price within what we consider to be a reasonable boundary, which is down a variety of factors; namely the increase in prices from suppliers, a huge variance in accommodation prices based on the geographical location, and the gradual increase in both quantity and quality of Conference features. The last thing we’re willing to do is detract from the delegate experience, so we’ve been delicately balancing as much as we can for several years now.

Accommodation has long been on our radar as a point of issue. When hotels are booked on behalf of delegates, we’re incredibly restricted with where we can go – We’re locked to hotels that are capable of hosting a huge (100+ rooms) amount of people in a single booking, often forcing us to high-priced hotels or hotels that are not a reasonable distance from where the Conference takes place. As we only book enough rooms to exactly fill our delegate count, we also often find serious issues with room allocation too.

As a solution to this, we have decided to remove accommodation from the tickets, and reduce the price of a Conference ticket proportionally. As individual delegates or those in station groups are not bound by the same mass-booking restrictions that we are as an organisation, there’s a much wider range of hotels and alternative accommodation options available (AirBnb) that result in a much cheaper cost-per-person. In essence, you’re now free to choose your own hotel rooms with whomever you see fit, however far away from the Conference as you like. You don’t need to worry about who you’d be paired with, and you’re welcome to choose an Airbnb if you’d prefer.

We’ve also moved our Conference ticketing to Eventbrite.  We’ve been trialling Eventbrite for event ticketing for two years now, as you’ll likely have used for the last two Student Radio Awards. Whilst we didn’t feel confident in moving our entire events ticketing systems whilst we were still testing whether it fully met our needs, we are pleased with the results of the move of Awards and are now happy to commit fully to our new platform.

We’re aware that some of these changes are significant, and we’re committed to making sure that attending Conference is as easy as it possibly can be. We’ll be posting more information soon, as well as accommodation guides and travel information.

See you soon!

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