It’s not long now until the Student Radio Conference at the University of Salford, which means not long until we celebrate the amazing work done at student radio stations across the country at the I Love Student Radio Awards 2020, supported by Communicorp UK!

One of the highlights of #SRACon, the #ILSRs are, as far as we can work out, the second largest student media awards in Europe, and is a night when we come together to show appreciation for those who do incredible things, and give them the praise they deserve.

Last year’s I Love Student Radio Awards were some of the best yet, as we put a lot of focus on improving the overall quality and production of the show to make it as enjoyable as possible, and fittingly reflect the people collecting their well deserved awards. We’re very pleased and proud that the 2019 edition was seen as one of the best ILSRs of all time, which is fantastic, but we’re not ones to rest on our laurels. That’s why, for 2020, we’ve revisited every single aspect of the whole awards event, from entry through to the show itself, in order to find areas where it comes up short and what we can do to improve it.

Entering the ILSRs will be easier in 2020 than ever before, as we’ve been able to carry across the entry system used for the Student Radio Awards in November. This means that if you entered the #SRAs, your profile still exists and you should be able to use it to enter this time around too. Everything is all laid out so that you don’t need to work out if you’ve included everything as the system will guide you through it. You can add to the entry, save it, come back to it later, add some more, and submit when you’re happy; and even after you’ve submitted, you can still make changes and resubmit, anytime up until the deadline.

All the awards from 2019 are up for grabs again, but in this year’s edition we’re bringing in five – yes, five – new categories as well. In addition to our usual awards, we’re now also looking to showcase the Best Station Culture, Collaboration of the Year, Most Supportive University or Students Union, The Spirit of Student Radio, and to recognise the Student Radio Moment of the Year. Full details of these new awards, plus all the existing ones, are listed on the Categories information page, and on each award as you enter it in the entry system.

Some things are staying the same with entries as well, such as the fact that you can’t nominate yourself for an ILSR, that all the entries are written (with a word limit) and have the option for you to add some photos if you want, and perhaps most importantly, all the awards are completely free to enter. They will be judged by some of the best, biggest, and brightest people in the UK radio industry, and the number of times that someone is nominated doesn’t matter – it only takes one, but if someone does get a load of entries, they’ll all be considered equally (but separately).

There’s some other things we have up our sleeves for improving the show itself even further from last year, but we’re going to keep hold of those for now – although we do promise that it will be even better than 2019 and we’ll tell you all about it soon. Meanwhile, entries open on February 24th at 0900 and close at 1800 on Friday March 27th, so let’s get those entries in! 

Don’t forget that your ROs are there to help if you need anything when you’re putting your entries together, but if you’ve got any questions around the awards themselves then contact Thomas, our Production Officer, by emailing

Good luck!