From Exeter to Newcastle, Huddersfield to Belfast – no matter where you are from we have got you covered!

Yes, we are back with your second regional training day of the year! These are taking place across the UK on Wednesday 12th of February. If you didn’t already know your Regional Officers work extremely hard to organise these days so you can learn more about radio, improve your stations output, and hear from the professionals.

Here are the venues and events for our regional training days for February:

South – University Of Southampton hosted by Surge Radio

London and South East Anglia –  King’s College London hosted by KCL Radio

South West and South Wales – University of Exeter hosted by Xpression FM

Midlands – University of Derby hosted by Phantom Radio

North West and North Wales –  Lancaster University hosted by Bailrigg FM

Yorkshire –  University of Huddersfield hosted by Radio Hud

North East – Newcastle University hosted by NSR

Northern Ireland – QRadio (QHQ) in Belfast.

Remember to click attending, and check the group wall for updates and news from your Regional Officer.

The #SRADay is free for all to attend if you are a member of the SRA. If you have questions about joining the SRA then please get in touch with our Development Officer.

See you there!