The SRA are delighted to appoint Shahlaa Tahira as a Non-Executive Advisor of the organisation. Shahlaa is currently an Audio Producer at Somethin’ Else and has a breadth of experience from Capital Xtra, Reprezent and the Global Academy. The SRA are privileged to have her join the team as her knowledge, skills & passion are incredible, and enthusiasm for encouraging young talent in the industry will only take us, as an organisation, from strength to strength.

Shahlaa joins the SRA at a time where the committee have recognised that in the past the organisation has not done enough to represent the Black community, this includes a lack of diversity in our current elected team.

On accepting the position Shahlaa said:

“I know, 100’s of young black passionate audio and radio makers, so there is no excuse for a lack of representation.”

Over the coming days the SRA Executive will be working with Shahlaa to set out a pledge on how we can better represent the full industry. And throughout her two year term as a Non-Executive Advisor she can hold us and future committees accountable. We have worked over the past six weeks, with the wider industry to educate ourselves more and will be setting up a formal focus-group to help the SRA educate themselves better on Black and Minority Ethnic representation and experiences in the industry. The SRA are committed to increasing our representation of all communities in the industry, and thank Shahlaa for her commitment to us to ensure we do better.