The Student Radio Association is a Private Company Limited by Guarantee and Not Having a Share Capital. It is run entirely by volunteers who are either elected by the membership or appointed by the Executive for their skills.

Executive Officers act as directors of the organisation and look after the day-to-day running of the Association. Elected annually at the AGM, there are six Executive Officers:

  • Chair – Oversees and Coordinates the Association, acts as the main representative of the organisation to external stakeholders and sets the short-term and long-term goals of the SRA monitoring the work of the other officers to ensure these are achieved.
  • Operations Officer – The Operations Officer is ultimately responsible for the paper trail, admin, and organisation of the SRA.
  • Industry Liaison – Ensures that the SRA raises enough funding throughout year to carry out its aims, by maintaining keys links with the Associations supporters and developing opportunities for the wider industry to support student radio.
  • Marketing and Communications Officer – Responsible for the promotion of the Association and its members through our website and social media and is ultimately responsible for the organisation’s brand identity.
  • Membership and Development Officer – Responsible for creating opportunities for our stations and members to develop and improve through training and outreach projects.
  • Events Officer – Leads creatively and logistically flagship events, such as the Student Radio Awards supported by BBC Radio 1 and Global Radio, and the National Student Radio Conference.

Regional Officers are responsible for representing the Student Radio Association, and its members, across our eight geographical regions. These Officers are only elected by the member stations in their own region and their job is to provide grassroots support and communication on a local level to the stations in their region.

Administrative Officers are, for the most part, tasked with looking after a specific project or activity and are usually appointed by the Executive Committee based on a fair application process, rather than elected. There work may be to deputise for members of the Executive or to provide specialist skills or knowledge to support the aims of the Association.

For further information on how the Association is run, our Constitution & Articles of Association and other important information please see our documentation section.