Honorary Life Members

This is a type of membership is awarded by the SRA as a whole to people who have given up their time to improve and contribute to our events and activities. It is a way of saying thanks to those individuals who have done so much for us over the years.

The SRA Executive and Officers decide on up to 4 individuals a year and the membership agree on the decision at the Annual General Meeting.

2019 Honorary Life Members

Stephanie Hirst

Stephanie has been an inspiration to so many students and is currently the Chair of the Student Radio Awards. Her commitment to being involved with the SRA Training Days and Conference has empowered the student radio community, her strength and passion has really made a huge impact on our members and the industry.

Aled Haydn-Jones

Aled has shown nothing but commitment to ensuring that student radio is the best it can be. He has been a judge on Demo Factor and has worked tirelessly to ensure that the Radio 1 sessions at the SRA Conference are representative of the industry today.

Juliette Nicholls

Juliette is a champion for student radio, she has worked extremely hard to ensure that students have been given the opportunity to receive hands on work experience at Heart in London by introducing audio production internships at the station. She has been involved with sessions at the SRA Conference and has always been on hand to help our members.

James Kenny

James has been involved with the SRA taking on the roles of North East & Yorkshire Regional Officer and the Training and Development Officer for the organisation. He has always shown commitment and passion for student radio and was the Judging Coordinator for the SRA Awards in 2018 increasing female representation and student radio alumni in the judging pool.

2018 Honorary Life Members

Roushan Alam

Rich Clarke

Olivia Jones

Annie Mac

2017 Honorary Life Members

Carina Tilson

One of the directors of Sound Women and currently at Ofcom, Carina has supported the Student Radio Association by speaking at conferences and supporting us at awards. She is a strong advocate for promoting women in broadcasting and radio, and an inspiration for any female looking for a strong role model in the industry.

Mike Cass

Mike has been a strong supporter of student radio for years, and as part of Bauer has given many students their first professional radio opportunity. Mike has always been keen to give students their first taste of the radio industry, regardless of their age and status, and has given many, many hours to take the time to give students good, solid career advice.

Jonny Chambers

Jonny has been the Design Officer on the Student Radio Association for four years, tirelessly designing and writing programmes for our awards and conference, working across SRA presentations and social media, and generally being one of the most useful and dedicated people you could possibly have around at events. In 2016, Jonny rebranded the SRA from scratch, giving it a whole new updated look and feel – and has put in many, many hundreds of hours to make sure the branding is consistent across all our channels and at events.

2016 Honorary Life Members

James Lloyd

Lee Sevenoaks

Scott Mills

Tim Johns

2015 Honorary Life Members

Fred Bradley

Rob Watson

Chris Sawyer

Emma Bradshaw

2014 Honorary Life Members

The Radio Academy

The Radio Academy have been constant supporters of student radio for years – they not only offer us a space to use when we need it and deal with all of our post but they offer free affiliate membership to all of our members, allowing them free or discount rates to their events. There staff are always supportive, and giving of their time, and are always happy to help with any of our events and look at ways to get student radio more involved in the industry as a whole.

Greg James

Greg has been a long-time supporter of student radio as one of our biggest rising stars. He was Station Manager of his station, Livewire 1350AM, before winning Best Male at the Student Radio Awards 2005 and shortly after landing his gig at Radio 1. Since then, he has used his position to constantly encourage others into the industry, acknowledging his student radio roots and has always been happy and forthcoming in volunteering to speak at our Conference, or play a part in our Awards and this year saving us and standing in as host with only a couple of hours notice without any hesitation.

Ben Cooper

BBC Radio 1 and 1Xtra have long been a supporter of the Student Radio Awards, but Ben has gone the extra mile to ensure that this support is demonstrated year-round through their support of our development events, such as the National Student Radio Conference. Leading from the front, Ben has presented and attended numerous events and has worked to create new opportunities for students to get an insight into the BBC and the radio industry as a whole.

Ashley Tabor

Global have long supported student radio and the SRA and have constantly helped us with the resources to ensure that student radio thrives across the UK. They have demonstated their commitment, through the considerable amount of hiring of student radio talent, both on-air and of and through attending our events. Ashley has encouraged his staff to look to student radio for future talent, has always supported us as the SRA continues to grow, and we could not do so without his support.

2013 Honorary Life Members

Tim Dye

Tim has been involved with Student Radio for a great many years. As a member of URB, he joined the SRA holding posts of Marketing Officer and later Chair. Since leaving the SRA, Tim has continued to support the Association and acted as a contact at the BBC, where he has played an important part in arranging speakers at SRA events. More recently, Tim has acted as our liaison with ASRA and taken on the role of Judging Co-ordinator for the Student Radio Awards. This is a significant commitment which deserves to be recognised with this award.

Mark Farrington

Mark has been involved, like Tim, for many years in the SRA. As Chair of the Association he helped launch the ‘I Love Student Radio’ campaign, and then as Webmaster he developed the current SRA website and awards system. He is also the current Judging Co-ordinator for the Student Radio Awards, and act as a liason with ASRA. Always willing to speak at conference and give his advice when asked, he still loves student radio and supports it.

Dick Stone

Dick has been a long time supporter and lover of Student Radio, both personally and in his role at Global Radio. He is always happy to chat to students, holds regular training days for stations in the East Midlands and has a long history of nurturing talent with Capital FM. This year he has been an invaluable resource in securing Global Radio involvement in the Student Radio Awards and the Student Radio Conference – and he always has time to give. To quote one nomination: “[it’s] about time someone from Global got something (and of all the people it should be him)”. His prolonged commitment to student radio, over the past decade means he thoroughly deserves this recognition.

2012 Honorary Life Members

Jonathan Jacob

JJ has played a key role in delivering the Student Radio Awards for the last two years. As Production Manager for the event, he has spent a great deal of time liaising with suppliers, co-ordinating the ceremony and generally ensuring that the night runs smoothly. JJ has brought a huge amount of passion and experience to the event, and his positive approach has made him a delight to work with.

Huw Stephens

As Chair of the Student Radio Awards for three years, Huw brought an energy and passion to the event which was unprecedented. He has also been involved in awards judging and has made appearances at the National Student Radio Conference. Nothing has ever been too much trouble for Huw, and he has encouraged student radio music lovers from across the country to contribute to his Radio One show.

Matt Hurst

Matt’s involvement with the Student Radio Association started when he was elected as Development Officer in 2006. Since then he has held the position of Finance Officer and more recently Finance Manager. Matt has held the organisation together through many challenges, often staying in the background. He has extensive knowledge and experience of the organisation and is always willing to go above and beyond to help and advise the Exec and members alike.

Vicki Blight

Vicki has shown support to the Student Radio Association over a number of years: speaking at the conference and at training days, participating in Demo Factor, and taking part in the awards judging process. Always keen to offer her advice and support, she is a staunch supporter of Student Radio.

2011 Honorary Life Members

Steve Lamacq

Steve has shown an unrivalled level of support for Student Radio over a number of years; promoting us to a huge national audience through his 6Music show. Steve has hosted, judged, and even been chair of the Student Radio Awards, and is always willing to bring his show live to the conference. There is no more suitable commendation that an Honorary Life Membership to recognise his passion for and dedication to Student Radio.

Rik Ward

Rik is an unsung hero who has given as many years service to the SRA as most of the people on this page put together. As the graphic designer behind the Student Radio Awards programme for as many years as we can remember (and also responsible for the on-night visuals for a number of years) Rik’s creativity has helped to make the night ‘one to remember’ for so many of our members. Few people got to work directly with Rik, but his patience, stamina and commitment (especially in the face of tight deadlines) make him especially worthy of the Honorary Life Member title.

Sarah Ghost

As a member of the Student Radio Association Executive for three years, Sarah exhibited an unprecedented level of commitment to our members. It is an understatement to say that, without Sarah, the Student Radio Awards would not have been half as good, or as organised, as they were; and she always has the best interests of our members at heart. The hours that Sarah has put into the SRA are an incredible testament of her passion, and the organisation suffered a great loss when she left at the end of her final term of office in July 2011. That we’ve barely touched the surface of Sarah’s achievements is a testament to why she is deserving of this honour.

John Lawley

John has played an essential and much valued role in the SRA conference and awards over the past few years. As Wise Buddah’s ‘voice talent guru’, he runs the annual Voice of the Awards competition, and then arranges the voice sessions with the winners for use on the big night. John has given up plenty of time to show his support for student radio, and is well deserving of this award.

2010 Honorary Life Members

Helen Grimes

Helen has been co-ordinating the judging of the SRA award entries for the last couple of years. She always ensures we get the best judges and helps to form key contacts with new sponsors to make the ceremony a yearly success.

James Cridland

James is always willing to speak and contribute to our events and activities to help student radio with his vast technical experience and knowledge. His website, MediaUK, gives great exposure to student stations in a place recognised by a large proportion of the industry.

Neil Sloan

Neil is the SRA’s main contact with Radio 1 and always puts a large amount of his time into ensuring we always get the best names from Radio 1 at the awards. As well as ensuring all sponsors get the best deal out of the awards.

2008 Honorary Life Members

Neil Gardner

For a number of years, Neil has shown great commitment to student radio, and in particular, the Student Radio Awards, for which he previously played a part in coordinating the judging process. Whilst working at OfCom, he gave valuable advice and support to our stations, and made well-received appearances at our conferences and training events.

Will Jackson

Whilst working for OfCom, Will provided invaluable advice and support to student radio stations, and also contributed his support to our conferences and events. He has been involved with the Association of Student Radio Alumni for many years, and continues to help the Student Radio Community in any way he can.

Chris North

Chris has shown great support for student radio over the years, taking an active interest in everything we do. He has played an integral role in the smooth organisation of the Student Radio Awards for a number of years and has given us access to the wide range of talent that he manages through Wise Buddah. To recognise Chris’ contribution in this way, really is the very least we could do.

Matt Deegan

A former Development Officer of the Student Radio Association, Matt has shown an ongoing dedication to the development of student radio. He has contributed his time and resources to coordinate the judging for the Student Radio Awards, and is often present at our events and conferences where he is a respected speaker on the subject of all things digital.