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The annual student radio conference is open to all member stations to apply to host year on year. In order to host the conference, you’ll need to bid for it against other stations across the UK and prove to the executives that your station has adequate facilities and will financially be able to support the event.

Interested stations should put together a proposal and submit it to the SRA Executives via email to and the successful host will be announced at the Student Radio Awards 2014, supported by BBC Radio 1 and Global at the indigO2 on November 6th 2014.

More pointers include:

  • Can the conference be hosted by any station? – Yes, providing they are a member station of the SRA.
  • When is the conference usually held? – The conference is usually held during the Easter break of the academic year.
  • How long does the conference usually last? – The conference usually is three days and two night.
  • Will I need a team to help run the conference? – Yes, the SRA team is not big enough to run the entrée event on our own so we will ask volunteers to support the event.
  • What type of venues will I need to host the event? – Ideally we’ll need a room that will cater of all of our members who attend the conference. You will also need rooms for break out sessions, the I Love Student Radio Awards and the evening events, such as a night club or area that can be converted to the equivalent.
  • Do I need consider accommodation for the event? – Yes, we will need accommodation for the guests to stay in over two nights. When applying to host the awards, you should make it clear that you have made contact with local hotels or halls of residents.