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Below we’ve compiled a list of common questions regarding the Awards – please have a read through to see if your question is answered below before getting in touch. If you still can’t find the answer you need, email and we’ll get back to you within forty-eight hours. We advise you email with lots of time to spare as we get very busy during the last week of entries.


When it says Group Award (for example, Best Entertainment/Journalistic etc.), does that mean that a station can only enter one piece of audio into that category, or can we enter multiple?

You can enter as many entries into the category as you like, you just can’t use the same audio for each entry. The ‘Group’ distinction is just there in case the entry is made by multiple people. So for example, you could submit your Varsity, your Students’ Union elections and your Summer Party coverage into the Best Event or Outside Broadcast category.

On your website you list X as being a ‘Group Award’ but I presented on my own – do I still qualify or should I enter under ‘Best Male/Female’?

You are totally fine to enter this category! The group distinction is their simply for if you do have multiple people on the show, but you are more than welcome to enter on your own.

Is it possible to submit audio that was recorded over one year ago?

Audio should be recorded and transmitted within the last year – this is since the closing of last years Student Radio Award entry period.

Do entries need to be content solely aired on student radio or can it include work from BBC/commercial/community?

Only content aired on our student member stations is allowed. Work presented on other stations should not be included.

I do two different shows am I allowed to enter them both for one category?

You are allowed more than one entry per category, providing the entries are different and use different content, for example, if you present both a dance and a rock show you can enter these into Best Specialist Music Programming separately. However, you can’t submit the same entry twice for multiple categories etc.



The maximum length for the entry is four minutes – do you advise making it the full four minutes then? My entry is just under three minutes of really strong audio that is fast pace and doesn’t drag, should I be trying to drag it out?

As stated in the Awards Rules: “the judges will not listen to audio beyond the time limit, but you should not feel the need to pad your entry with redundant material simply to hit the maximum duration”. If you feel your entry is strong filling time for the sake of it is not advisable if it will lower the quality of your overall entry.

For my entry I’ve collated seven hours of material into a four minute package – it flows much better with a little bit of music in the background, an I add a backing track to all the clips?

In line with rule 5.3 of the Awards Rules: “Audio submitted must not be altered since transmission or internally edited.” Because of this, you can’t add a backing track, unless the this was on the original broadcast.

Does audio have to be all from one show or can it be a compilation of many shows?

This is up-to-you! If you feel that your best audio is from multiple shows then it is fine to edit these into one package, providing that the parts are separated by a fade or zing.

If I enter one category (e.g. Best Interview) can I use a clip of this as part of another entry (e.g. Best Male/Female)?

Yes, this is fine providing it is just a short clip and not a large portion of the entry. This rule is mainly in place to prevent people from entering the same category twice.

I’ve edited my entry – do I need to include a zing or sound effect every time I make an edit?

In order to ensure links aren’t ‘internally edited’ (i.e. removing stumbling, repetition, pauses, rambling etc.) we ask edit points to be marked with a zing, sound effect or fade. It is really obvious when somebody has tried to make their entry sound better for example when beds skip etc.



I am in my second/third/fourth year of university, but was only involved in my station this year – can I still enter for Best Newcomer?

Yes! The award is for people who’ve been involved in student radio for less than thirteen months – it doesn’t matter how long you’ve been at University providing you’re new to student radio.

For the Best Newcomer award, does the second page have to be from my Station Manager or can it be from another person at my station?

Yes, this is fine providing the person is part of your station management team. They should make it clear in their piece who they are in relation to you.

Should I enter my show in Best Journalistic, Best Entertainment or Best Speech Programme?

This is a really common question, but it depends on the type of entry you are putting together for your show.

  • Best Entertainment Programme is designed for shows build around features and items. It is your typical music personality show that you might find at breakfast or drive.
  • If your show is aimed to inform then it should be entered into Best Journalistic Programme. It does not have to be a news show – it could be a sports broadcast, a show that discuss science or a political debate.
  • Best Speech Programme is for shows that aim to entertain, but don’t fit into Best Entertainment Programme. This can include comedy or scripted dramas, panel shows or fictional, story-based drama or readings.



Would you recommend a station gathering all the audio/entry pieces and the Station Manager entering them or should entrants enter their pieces individually?

It is totally up-to-you! It is easier in some ways to submit them all once as Station Manager, because you can then pay by invoice for all your entries at once  – however, if you want members to individually pay, then it may be easier.

I’m planning on entering this year’s Awards but have not quite yet finished working on my entry and leave to go on holiday and I intend to continue working on my entry while abroad. I am concerned that I may not be able to gain access to wifi – Is there any chance, if needed, I would be able to submit a late entry when I return?

Unfortunately, the deadline is final as the judging process begins immediately and in the interest of fairness we have to be consistent. You are able to change your audio once it is in the system (provided you haven’t pressed the ‘pay’ button yet), but you must make sure you complete the full process (including payment) by the deadline.

I’m entering on behalf of my team and we’ve all had work experience outside the station including two of our team who are now graduates with jobs. What should I put in the experience box?

All this needs to be is a simple list of where you’ve each had experience. e.g. (Person X did a week at BBC London, Person B is a freelancer at Global Radio, Person C is a AP at ITV news)

I’m trying to submit an audio file however the website won’t allow me to submit even though the track is the right length.

Firstly, ensure you track is the correct length to the millisecond. You should also ensure you are exporting it as a 128kbps MP3 file – ensure that when you export the file you do it at a constant bit rate rather than a variable one. If this still doesn’t work ensure you send the file via WeTransfer to before the deadline.

I submitted my entry and forgot to include a tracklisting/photo etc. Am I able to edit my entry to add these?

Unfortunately, regardless of whether the deadline has passed or not, we are not able to edit or amend entries. Please double/triple check you are happy with your entry before submitting and paying for it.

Am I allowed to go over the word limit? Is there the ‘10% rule’?

For our Awards we impose a hard limit on all criteria including written entries. Although you can be as many words as you like under (it’s a limit, not necessarily a target), the system will prevent you from going over. Be aware that the word count in Microsoft Word can differ from that of our Awards system so you should always use the entry system as your guide. If the system is counting your words wrong, ensure you strip all formatting from it using the link here.

Do I need to submit a tracklisting?

No, this is totally optional, but it can support your entry by explaining to the judges what is going on in a clip.

I cannot find my station on the stations list and so am unable to submit my entries?

Contact our Membership and Communications Officer immediately – there may be a problem with your membership and they will be able to advise, their email address is

I’ve not paid yet, is that okay? Is my entry still valid?

No! You must either pay by PayPal or have requested an invoice in order to be eligible for entry. If you’ve not done this by 5pm your entry will be discounted. You should receive a confirmation email when this has been successful.