2014 Award Winners

Best Student Radio Station

This is awarded to the station that has made the biggest impact with its audience in the last year. They’ve achieved everything they aimed to do with flair and attitude, whilst having a lot of fun. Something a bit like your station’s “business plan”.


University Radio Bath

107 Spark FM

Best Marketing & Station Sound

This category recognises stations with an increased awareness of on-air, off-air and online branding. Entrants understand about the balance between on- and off-air station imaging and how the station communicates its image and values in order to attract and retain listeners. This category is where any marketing tools used throughout the year should be discussed, including social media.

Shock Radio


Purple Radio

Best Male Presenter

This category is for a male student radio presenter who deserves particular recognition for their overall presentation style and skills, including production and rapport with their audience.

Calum Macdonald
(Fresh Air)

Joel Grove

Louis Chadwick
(Shock Radio)

Best Female Presenter

This category is for a female student radio presenter who deserves particular recognition for their overall presentation style and skills, including production and rapport with their audience.

Izzie Clarke

Victoria Payne
(Leeds Student Radio)

Emily Sandford
(Nerve Radio)

Best Newcomer

This category is for a member of a student radio station who has been involved for less than one year in student radio as a whole. They deserve particular recognition for their overall contribution to the station and not necessarily their presenting efforts. This award is open to students who can provide details of their achievements not only on air, but also off air as well. The written description from the entrant should include information for the judges about how they got involved in the station.

George Ward
(Radio ENRG)

Jonny McGuigan
(Leeds Student Radio)

Daniel Miller
(W.A.C Radio)

Best Entertainment Programme

This category recognises programming that forms part of the station’s entertainment output with a particular emphasis on the items and links within, acknowledging the person or persons responsible for devising, writing and producing them. An example of the genre would be a breakfast programme.

Sean Montague & Emily Sandford
(Nerve Radio)

Afternoons with Jay Lawrence

Maddie’s Tea Party

Best Interview

This category recognises one outstanding interview. Interviewees, for example, could be: MPs, celebrities, bands or university/students’ union staff.

Luke Jones interview Lord Carey
(KCL Radio)

Boscastle: Ten Years On

Jay Lawrence intv. Matty from The 1975

Best Journalistic Programming

This category is designed to recognise programmes that form part of the station’s news or current affairs output. One-off special features or programmes will be considered as well as regular programmes and services. Special consideration will be given to programmes that are targeted at the student audience. This category is for programmes that are ‘aimed to inform’.

The Student Underworld

River Safety: York’s Rising Problem

The Pulse

Best Event or Outside Broadcast

This category is for programmes that were produced outside of the station’s studios. Judges will be examining the way in which entries captured the essence of the event and how the OB connected with both the audience at the event and the audience listening to the programme. Your entry should clearly detail how technical difficulties were overcome in producing the broadcast. You should also use your written entry to tell the judges how you used technology to bring this broadcast to air.

(Fresh Air)

White Paper Publication Day
(Fresh Air)

The Welsh Varsity 2014
(Xpress Radio)

Best Speech Programming

This category recognises the creation of speech programming that is aimed to entertain. This can include comedy or scripted dramas, panel shows and programmes designed to make listeners laugh as well as shows containing fictional, story-based content or readings.

Sound in Silence
(IC Radio)

A Brief History of You

RavenTales Original Series – CROWE
(University Radio Bath)

Best Technical Achievement

This category celebrates a technical development that has improved your student radio station. You have identified a need and designed and developed a practical, successful engineering or IT based solution to fulfil this need. You should show the judges the usability of your product, and how the project was managed. Entries score highly here when a project shows a particularly high-level innovation and originality. Be sure to include additional material by way of uploaded content.

Responsive Radio
(University Radio Bath)

Studio in a Box
(Purple Radio)

Nerve Extra – a new radio station
(Nerve Radio)

Best Specialist Music Programming

This category is designed to recognise programmes that have a specialist music policy that is more tightly focussed than the station’s main playlist. Judges will consider one-off documentaries or specials but programmes must display a passion for music.

Eclectic Sessions
(Hub Radio)

Maddie’s Tea Party

Last Donut of the Night
(University Radio Bath)

The Student Radio Chart Show Award

This is a special award presented by the Student Radio Association to honour the station deemed to have best hosted the Student Radio Chart Show. The award will primarily be judged on the presentation skills and production values demonstrated by the stations when they hosted the show, although the winning station must also have shown professionalism and consistency in being a part of a the syndication. Any station who hosted the SRA chart can enter this category – however you must produce a 3 minute audio ‘best of’ for your show.

Pure FM

The Cat 1251

Radio Sonar