SRA Class of 2020 – APRE

We’re absolutely delighted to be welcoming to the SRA Class of 2020, one of the most exciting up-and-coming indie-pop outlets; APRE. Since the release of their debut EP ‘The Movement of Time’ in 2018, featuring their most popular single ‘All Yours’, APRE have been making waves in the UK indie scene. The band is made… read more

SRA Class of 2020 – Hamzaa

With UK R&B gaining new fans rapidly, there are many new artists on the rise. One of the most promising ones is Hamzaa, a 20-year old singer-songwriter from East London. Listening to her music, one can see how musically and emotionally wise she is beyond her years. Her soulful vocals combined with profound, yet simple… read more

SRA Class of 2020 – 303

Bringing their perfect harmonies to our Class of 2020 supported by Painting Pixels are the terrific love-letter to the flavour of 90s R&B, three-piece 303. The girl-group formed on March 3rd 2017, hence the name 303. Comprised of London duo Lo & Maddie and Chloe who joined the group from Newcastle, they have been blessing… read more

SRA Class of 2020 – Joy Crookes

 Over the past year, Joy Crookes’ introspective songwriting has been picked up by the SRA music network alongside press heavy weights like Vogue and The Guardian. Crookes released two EPs in 2019 – Perception and Reminiscence – both of which exploring themes ranging from belonging to outgrowing relationships, with tracks like London Mine and Don’t… read more

SRA Class of 2020 – Inhaler

Inhaler, the four-piece the school-boy-band sensation hailing from Dublin, who have combined grungy riffs with melodic psychedelic synths, are a great addition to the SRA class of 2020. After the release of their first studio single, ‘It Won’t Always Be Like This’, in March this year they’ve gone on to perform with Blossoms and Noel… read more