SRACon 2018

SRACon 2018 will be hosted by Livewire at The University of East Anglia, 4-6th April

Throwback to SRACon 2016

The 2016 Student Radio Conference was held in Cardiff and hosted by Xpress Radio. Check out photos of the event on our Facebook page, and review the guests and sessions below.

#SRACon 2016 Conference Programme

Keynote Sessions

Keynotes are a chance to see some of the biggest players in the radio industry talk on a whole series of topics. Here is an example of everyone we had speaking in 2016…

Breakout Sessions

Your day at the conference is then divided into blocks of ‘Breakout Sessions’. You can choose to attend one of a series of Breakouts during each hour block (unless of course you possess super human powers which allow you to be in two places at once!)

Each breakout block is designed to have something for everyone, from sessions about station management and marketing, to presenting advice and producing tips. Each breakout session is specifically tailored to cover a variety of topics. This is 2016’s line up…

Evening Events