I Love Student Radio Awards

ILSRThe I Love Student Radio Awards supported by Communicorp UK, is held annually at the National Student Radio Conference and aims to celebrate the commitment and contributions of individuals to student radio. It is those people and stations who go the extra mile, putting in time effort and creativity behind the scenes, and whose commitment to student radio is unprecedented.

To enter the I Love Student Radio Awards you must meet the following criteria:

  • Stations must be members of the Student Radio Association
  • Individual nominees must be students currently studying at, or have recently graduated within the last thirteen months from a member station.
  • Individuals may not nominate themselves for individual awards.

Enter the Awards
All entries should be submitted in the following formats: PDF, .doc, .docx or .txt. Please ensure you clearly state the person/station your nomination is for. These should be emailed to enter@studentradio.org.uk by the closing date.

Important Dates
The closing date for entries will be 23:59 on Friday, 9th March 2018.
The winners will be announced at the National Student Radio Conference 2018.

Questions? Any More Information?
For any questions about the I Love Student Radio Awards, email enter@studentradio.org.uk.



Outstanding Contribution to a Student Radio Station

Who Can Enter: Individuals
Criteria: 500 words + photos (if applicable)

This is for an individual who has made the most difference to their student radio station and continually strives to go the extra mile for their station. They do not necessarily have to be on committee, but they are the person that the station would not be the same without, or the person that’s always around to help.

Best Training Initiative
Who Can Enter: Stations
Criteria: 500 words + photos (if applicable)

This award will go to the station that offers their members an outstanding training scheme or programme. This could be a station that regularly offers masterclasses with the industry, or perhaps have got a member of their committee who is excellent at organising training days or a training programme.

Most Improved Student Radio Station
Who Can Enter: Stations
Criteria: 1000 words + photos

This is the station that has made the biggest improvement over the last year – it has beaten the odds, completely reorganised themselves, made a leap in an aspect of the stations programming, or recruited more members than ever before. They’ve radically changed and improved over the last year.

Best Audience Initiative
Who Can Enter: Stations
Criteria: 500 words + photos

This new award recognised the efforts of stations in trying to spread the word of student radio and getting people tuned in to their local station. It celebrates the most creative and effective approaches to gaining new audiences – from a clever marketing idea to an incredible event this award recognises the hours that a station has put in to publicise student radio.

Best Outreach Project
Who Can Enter: Stations
Criteria: 500 words + photos

This is for a station that has created the best project to reach out to those around them – this can be a community project, either locally or within their university, or for a station that has helped raise awareness of a cause and taken a lead in fundraising for it. This could be anything from working with a local school to a mammoth fundraising broadcast.

Most Committed Committee Member
Who Can Enter: Individual
Criteria: 500 words + photos (if applicable)

This is for somebody who has led from the front, and been able to motivate their team to achieve great things, no matter whatever stood in their way. They are an invaluable go-to person, and are a fantastic champion for student radio.

NEW: Student Radio Team of the Year
Who Can Enter: Individual
Criteria: 500 words + photos

This award recognises the outstanding efforts of a particularly area of a radio station, be it a particularly improved team that has made real progress over the last 12 months, or a sub-team that without their efforts a particular area of the station would be much worse off. For example, this could be a sports team broadcasting university and community events, a newly formed tech team getting to grips with a studio, a playlist team that has started weekly playlist meetings, or an events team that have created standout ventures on or off-air (e.g charity fundraisers).

NEW: Hero of the Moment
Who Can Enter: Individual
Criteria: 500 words + photos (if applicable)

This award is for a person who has been outstanding at a particular event or at one specific moment during the year. They could be part of a technical team who stayed up all night to fix the studios when they went down, or they could be someone who lead a particularly successful event or marketing campaign. 

Region of the Year
Who Can Enter: Regional Officers
Criteria: 3 page PDF

The Region of the Year award, submitted by your Regional Officer, is for the region in the UK that has made the largest overall contribution to student radio this year. The Regional Officer will be looking to highlight what the region has done throughout the year, how stations have worked together to support each other, and showcasing why their region has done the most to further student radio.