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Company Limited by Guarantee Number 12182816

Meet the SRA Officers

Elected each year at Conference and manage the day-to-day running of the Association.

Hannah-Mae Graham - Chair


Hannah-Mae Graham

The spokesperson of the SRA, the Chair oversees and coordinates the work of the SRA and is the main representative for the organisation to the industry and other external stakeholders.

Operations OfFIcer

Pascal Maguet

The Operations Officer is ultimately responsible for the paper trail, admin, and organisation of the SRA.

Scott Duffield - Marketing & Communications Officer

Marketing & Communications OfFIcer

Scott Duffield

The Marketing and Communications Officer is responsible for keeping our website and social media feeds updated, updating our members and partners with newsletters and press releases, and is ultimately responsible for the organisation’s brand identity.

Alex West - Membership

Membership OfFIcer

Alex West

The Membership Officer role is both rewarding and demanding. The primary responsibility is providing regional training and support for all our member stations and the students that are involved with them.

Jordan Scudder - Network Officer

Network OfFIcer

Jordan Scudder

The Network Officer role is both rewarding and demanding. The primary responsibility is focusing on managing, directing and developing the Music, Alumni and Tech Network throughout the year.

Hannah Sackville-Bryant - Events

Events OfFIcer

Hannah Sackville-Bryant

The Events Officer oversees the SRA’s flagship events, most notably the Student Radio Awards supported by BBC Radio 1 and Global.

Work on the ground across the country to develop your stations.

Finn Marsden - Scotland Regional Officer


Finn Marsden

From Glasgow to Aberdeen, via Edinburgh and Dundee.

Jordan Blyth - North East Regional Officer

North East

Jordan Blyth

From Northumberland to County Durham, via Newcastle.

Teifi James - North West North Wales

North West and North Wales

Teifi James

From Bangor to Lancaster via Liverpool & Manchester.

South West and South Wales

Kerian Manetta-Jones

From Aberystwyth to Exeter via Cardiff & Bristol.

Danny Humby - South Regional Officer


Danny Humby

From Bournemouth to Southampton via Reading & Sussex

Delphine Corr - Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland

Delphine Corr

From Belfast to Derry-Londonderry, via Coleraine and Armagh

Anna Wilkinson - Midlands


Anna Wilkinson

From Nottingham to Worcester via Stoke & Birmingham

Katie Bevan - London & South East

London & South East

Katie Bevan

From Norwich and Cambridge to Kent and all around London

Kate Bugos - London and South East Officer

London & South East

Kate Bugos

From Norwich and Cambridge to Kent and all around London.

Seb Cheer - Yorkshire Officer


Seb Cheer

From York to Leeds, via Bradford and Humberside.

Appointed each year by the Exec to bring specialist skills and knowledge to the team.

Music OfFIcer

Scott Hastie

The Music Officer can help you if you need to source music for your station. They also organise interviews for member stations and establish links with local music communities.

Mark Hoskin - Chart Officer

Chart OfFIcer

Mark Hoskin

The Chart Officer is responsible for the organisation and production of the weekly syndicated National Student Radio Chart Show.

Lizzie Frisby - Production Officer

Production OfFIcer

Lizzie Frisby

The Production Officer supports the SRA’s flagship events, most notably the Student Radio Awards supported by BBC Radio 1 and Global, and events that take place during the National Student Radio Conference, such as Demo Factor and the I Love Student Radio Awards supported by Communicorp.

Dan Wildman - Technical

Technical OfFIcer

Dan Wildman

The Technical Officer is responsible for technical support and operation during SRA events.

Dafydd Evans - Deputy Events Officer

Deputy Events OfFIcer

Dafydd Evans

The Deputy Events Officer works to support the Events Officer with the planning and delivery of all events, including the Student Radio Awards Supported by BBC Radio 1 and Global, and the National Student Radio Conference.

Jamie Woods - Technical Development

Technical Development OfFIcer

Jamie Woods

The role of Technical Development Officer is to provide support and training to student radio technical teams, directly assisting with tech problems within member stations, and managing and maintaining a student radio technical support network.

Katy Adderley - Content

Content OfFIcer

Katy Adderley

The Content Officer supports the Marketing and Communications Officer in updating the SRA’s website and social media.

Emma Snow - Alumni Officer

Alumni OfFIcer

Emma Snow

An admin role which aims to maintain a network of student radio alumni for future conferences, talks, mentoring and socialising.

Deputy Music OfFIcer

Ben Winter

The Deputy Music Officer supports the Music Officer in all their duties.