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Air3 Radio is the oldest student radio station in Scotland, voted Best Media Society in the UK in 2018. Enjoy a wide range of unique live shows, podcasts and more at!

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About Air3

Air3 Radio is the student radio station operating in the University of Stirling, founded in 1972 and recently voted Best Media Society in the UK. We have two studios in Airthrey Castle creating weekly live content and recorded content by students, for students (and more!). We at Air3 pride ourselves in pushing our members to let their creativity run free, expanding boundaries and having fun.

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Station History


Air3 was originally named University Radio Airthrey, after the castle it operated in. It was the first student radio station ever to exist in Scotland, and took many years to get approval and to get running. We recently celebrated 40 years of (official broadcasting), as Radio Airthrey only broadcasted on an FM frequency in 1978, originally connecting to the internal campus. It required years of government correspondance, technical difficulties and the Head of Production literally building a transmitter from scratch, but then we were off. Well, on.

In order to keep hip and fresh with the cool kids, University Radio Airthrey went through a rebrand, becoming Air3 Radio. We've had many crazy events, running 24-hour broadcasts, Christmas charity albums, zombie runs and more. In 2017, renovations were begun to transform a loaded storage cupboard into a brand new, fully functioning recording studio. Content was doubled and members had so many more creative possibilities. The next year, Air3 Radio was voted Best Media Society in the UK at the National Society Awards in 2018, and have been flying forward ever since. Tune in!

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