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 Where is Burn FM?


The University of Birmingham's Student Radio Station. Live every day from 9am-11pm.

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0121 251 2452
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0121 251 2452
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Guild of Students
Edgbaston Park Road
B15 2TU

About Burn FM

BurnFM.com is the student radio station for the University of Birmingham.

Station History


BurnFM.com was founded in the spring of 1996 and located at the Guild of Students, on the Edgbaston campus of the University.  Having originally been located on the 1st floor with the techie's, it moved in to its current location of the former toilet block. From its inception until October 2006, BurnFM.com broadcast twice a year via FM RSLs, usually in October/November and February/March, with the exception of Spring 2002 following an admin error.  Simulasting of the FM output online started in the early 2000's. From January 2007, the station became licensed to broadacst online during both Autumn and Spring semesters. In August 2004 a lightning strike hit the Burn FM transmission aerial, which resulted in the damage of the broadcast mixer and other equipment valued at £13,000. An insurance payout resulted in a new studio being fitted for the Autumn 2005 broadcast, with the broadcasts for the 2004/5 academic year having been made using hired equipment. In 2007, failure of the server and studio temperatures in excess of 30°C forced the station off-air just 19 days after the start of term.  Complications with the organising of suitable cooling equipment led to the station staying off-air for the remainder of the year. However, in the summer of 2008, the station earned a grant of £30,000 (shared with the other media societies).  This was spent on soundproofing, replacement computer equipment and the new cooling syetem, which required the racks to be relocated. In December 2008, the station made national headlines after the Daily Mail reported that two presenters had made comments about Des O'Connor's daughter (who was at the time a final year student at the university). Having quickly recovered from this negative image, the station went on to enjoy the rest of the year's broadcast. At the end of 2011 the station received funding to upgrade their recording and editing equipment, with future plans involving more live events and mobile broadcasting.