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0161 275 7071
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FUSE + Your message to 07766 40 41 42
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0161 275 7071
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Fuse FM
University of Manchester's Students' Union
Oxford Road

M13 9PR

About Fuse FM

Fuse FM is a radio station for students, by students. Broadcasting from the University of Manchester's Student's Union, we bring you all the latest music, entertainment and University news. On-air since October 2000, Fuse FM is Manchester's #1 Student Radio Station, and now broadcasts worldwide, all-year round at www.fusefm.co.uk

Station History


Manchester has had a long history of successful student radio stations - for example Storm FM, which won a number of awards for its broadcasts. Unfortunately, the decline of Storm FM all those years ago (i.e. we don't really know when it was - ahem) left a major gap. So, back in the Summer of 2000 (not '69) two students, Zoe Abrams and Penny Hollings, set about creating a proposal for a brand station, exclusive to the University of Manchester. A place to call home... The Student Union Executive accepted the proposal in July 2000 and work began on creating a base for the station. Space in the Union basement was converted into a fully functioning broadcast studio and production suite, which is still our home to this very day. The Birth of Mint FM (eh?) Alex Atkinson was elected as the first Studio Manager for the station, known then as Mint FM, in October 2000 and work began on scheduling, technician training and so forth ready for the big launch. By November, the station's name had changed to Fuse FM (much better, don't you think?) and word was beginning to spread! Oooh, you can almost feel the excitment can't you?! Fuse hits the airwaves Fuse FM went on air for the first time on February 15th 2001 at 6am, broadcasting on 106.2 FM as well as via internet streaming meaning the entire globe could (and would, I mean it is Fuse FM afterall) tune in. What followed was an historical 14-day broadcast, showcasing new radio talent while ensuring a wide variety of music and programmes were supplied for the listener. A bit of trivia: The first song played was REM - The Great Beyond, and this broadcast (and all subsequent ones) have ended with Green Day - Time Of Your Life (Good Riddance) Since then Fuse has grown into a multi-award-winning student radio station, boasting some of the best young talent in the country. Since 2003, Fuse FM has broadcast for four weeks in each academic semester (September to October and February to March), reaching an audience of thousands. And things can only get better as this year we have moved to broadcasting worldwide, on-air all year round! What are you waiting for? Tune in at www.fusefm.co.uk