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01392 723 568
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87.7 + TEXT to 88802
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01392 723 568
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Devonshire House
Stocker Road

About Xpression FM

Xpression FM is an award winning campus radio station for the University of Exeter, England. Formerly known as URE (University Radio Exeter), the station has been broadcasting since 1976 and is entirely run by students from the university.

Station History


Initiated by post-graduates, University Radio Exeter began broadcasting from Devonshire House on low power AM. Hours of broadcast were originally 5pm until 10pm with BBC Radio One carrying as a sustaining service. In the late 1990s it was deemed that, due to remote location, URE was allowed to use a low-power FM system. URE also became part of the Student Broadcast Network. The station was renamed'Xpression FM 87.7' at the start of 2001.

University Radio Exeter was founded in 1976, under the stairs of Devonshire House on the campus of the University of Exeter. At that time, of course, the only means of broadcasting was very low power, using induction loop aerials to broadcast to Halls of residence. Initially the transmitter was installed in the studio. This meant feeding a coaxial cable, carrying the RF signal, just below ground level from Devonshire House to Lafrowda halls of residence. This probably only covered 500 people maximum but seemed to work adequately for around 6 months, until 6 months of gardeners' spade abuse had reduced the transmitter cable to shreds. A rethink resulted in the transmitters being moved to the halls of residence, with the feed from the studio to the halls using cables leased from British Telecom.
In the late 1990s the rules were changed and certain parts of the country were permitted to use a low-power FM system. As an indirect result of joining the Student Broadcast Network (SBN), money became available to convert to low-power FM. Thus, at the start of 2001, the posters for 'URE 963' were taken down, and replaced with brand spanking new ones, emblazoned with the logo 'Xpression FM 87.7'.