SRA Mental Health Stories

The Radio, Music & Media Industries include incredibly intense career paths. Shifts can be 9am-5pm, 9pm-5am, paid, unpaid, paid in exposure, offered at the last minute, or cancelled as you’re outside the studio. At the SRA, we all do what we do, because of our passion for Radio. However, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t… read more

Year in Review – 2019

What a year it has been for the Student Radio Association! So, let us tell you what has gone on within SRA and our member stations over the past year… In December 2019, we announced our Class of 2019 which included artists who would go on to be huge superstars like Billie Eilish and Jade… read more

SRA Class of 2020 – 303

Bringing their perfect harmonies to our Class of 2020 supported by Painting Pixels are the terrific love-letter to the flavour of 90s R&B, three-piece 303. The girl-group formed on March 3rd 2017, hence the name 303. Comprised of London duo Lo & Maddie and Chloe who joined the group from Newcastle, they have been blessing… read more

Outside Broadcast Tech

From the responses to a recent tweet asking for photos of OBs you have been doing at your stations, it’s clear many of you are not new to OBs. Hopefully, this guide can help those of you already doing them to improve your OB game even more. Been a busy year for us lot at… read more