About The SRA

The Student Radio Association is the volunteer-run representative body which supports and acts on behalf of the UK student radio community. We represent any radio station that is based at or linked to a place of education (such as a school, college or university), or that has students participating (including youth projects and stations that are run by local councils, communities or charities).

We exist to encourage and facilitate communication between student stations, to assist in their development, and to offer support and advice to new stations.

Our key aims are to:

  • Improve Student Radio- Whether it is helping individuals improve their skills, or helping stations improve their output.
  • Develop Student Radio – Encouraging creativity and innovation in all things student radio.
  • Involve Student Radio – Increasing participation in and awareness of student radio.

Our two flagship events we host are the Student Radio Awards, held each November, bringing the entire industry together in celebrating the best in student radio across the UK and the National Student Radio Conference which brings together nearly five-hundred students over three days to learn, develop and network. We additionally hold a variety of training events throughout the year, as well as spend time developing opportunities for our stations to get involved in throughout the year.

We are always keen to hear from you, whether you are a somebody interested in getting involved in student radio, a student currently involved in student radio, or somebody working in the industry who is passionate about student radio – just get in touch with us via the contact us page as we’d love to hear from you.