London and South East

The South East and London is the largest region of the SRA. So large in fact that it takes 2 people to look after it. Hebe Lawson has been in the SRA for the3 year now and knows the SRA inside out. Starting with the smallest region in the UK she now has become an RO again for the biggest region in the UK. 

Enric Thier has been now an RO for London and South East for the second year in a row. With his studies being based in Canterbury, the South East and London has become one of his new chosen homes.  Stations are just based in London, though. It reaches across all the South East region. Fun fact! CSR FM was the first ever radio station to receive an FM licence as a student radio station.  The South East also has some supper stars to offer. So with the industry on our doorstep, let us know if you spot any radio stars in your SU bar!