Building a Tech Team

Whether you’ve got modern, ‘state-of-the-art’ digital studios or old-school mixing desks and record players, having a tech team that can adapt, develop and keep your gear and presenters on air and sounding amazing is crucial to any student radio station. However, they can often be one of the hardest teams to build, with many stations… read more

Outside Broadcast Tech

From the responses to a recent tweet asking for photos of OBs you have been doing at your stations, it’s clear many of you are not new to OBs. Hopefully, this guide can help those of you already doing them to improve your OB game even more. Been a busy year for us lot at… read more

Wilderness Festival 2019

Review by Mariella Bevan from URY! It would be hard to find a festival more aptly named than Wilderness. In its ninth year, people are starting to catch on to this hidden wonder — tucked away in Cornbury Park in Oxfordshire, festival goers are treated to a weekend of endless activities, high quality food, and of course,… read more